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Hey guys!! Happy National Book Lovers' Day! 

Anyways, I just wanted to let y'all know that I've updated some of the content of some pages (including the For Students♥ page).

No new polls, unfortunately. :(

Other than that, I've got some more homework to do (honestly, though, summer homework is so illogical), so bye for now! :)

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Long time no see, guys! It's been a hectic ride and the metaphoric roller coaster of life isn't over yet. Currently I'm having some bumps and loop-de-loops of sadness yet happiness. Anyways, it's been a while since I've made many of the pages I have on this blog, and I do want to make many changes, especially those on the Students page, where my views have altered a bit since 2012.

Can you really believe it's been two years? And it's been four years since I first started this blog....Admittedly, I can hardly recall most events.

So for some deepness in this blog post, I want to say that I've learned that life goes on, even if situations make it seem like it won't. Take, for example, the strenuous hours of my 7th and 8th grade years. Stressing out over schoolwork and exams, I've learned, is not very helpful, unless you work well under stress, a rarity in today's society. So go with the flow and try your best to stay upright.

I'm still learning how to do that. Schoolwork is pretty stressed and stressful in my family. But it's nice not to base a life upon one aspect of life. People say to balance education with family, friends, and extracurriculars. It's tough. It's sometimes seems impossible. But it's nice not to be thinking about school when with family and friends.

And yes, there are love lives to think about. High school stresses the "high" era of falling in love, breaking hearts, and moving on with ice cream, chocolate, and close friends. It seems there's no hope for some of us and too much hope for others at many times. We'll just have to make do with what we have.

It's a roller coaster throughout life, and we'll have to go along with the ride, relieving our crippling fears of falling out of the ride or getting stuck upside-down.

If it's anything to console many of us, we're not going through this alone. In our nation--and the rest of the world--many people go through phases. Children are traumatized, teenagers are slapped by angst, adults have crises. We can overcome it. Life will go on. The roller coaster will be mended and there will be nets {or gallant gentlemen} to catch us if we fall.

I'll try to update the pages ASAP. :)




I'm tired. so enjoy this bit of coding


Blogging crisis

Hey guys! I haven't had much time to blog with school and my new obsession.
{Oh look a new excuse!}
Y'all should start watching Sherlock BBC by the way! It's epic and Benedict Cumberbatch is an epic Sherlock.
I loooooooooooooove the TV show, so I've made a rollover similar to the first one I made.
I'll try to post more often, but since I can't always think of things to post, you can follow me on tumblr for Sherlock and Harry Potter stuff :D


Twice the telling, double the damage

Hey guys! School has really been a bothersome thing recently, but I have decided that I'm not going to let it bother me too much. However, that's not relevant to this post. In fact, this post is about receiving two sets of different instructions.

I really dislike it when I received two different sets of instructions from two different people and when I follow one set of instructions, the person who didn't tell me to do that will get angry but the person who did tell me to do that doesn't help me out.
So basically, I have done something wrong because of wrong information.

However, how do you differ between the two sets of different instructions?

Abrupt end,
Rebecca Zeng



created by Rebecca Zeng
Jan. 4, 2014
So I created this...image...of the Artemis Fowl titles :)
Hope you enjoy! ^-^


New Year's Resolutions

It's a few days late but who's to say when the year is new or not?
I barely have resolutions for this year (taking it slow), so here's two:
Smiling/being content more often.
I've been told (by my own mother) that I look hideous when I frown.
And the second--Avoid vanity.
Yep, my life is an ironic story. ^-^
There's an infographic about New Years...
Click here for it! :D (thanks to DrkGenesis for showing me it)


May 2007

On another note, I just checked my blog stats and found that this blog was started in May 2007. Hopefully, the blueberrylol community (i need a name for you guys, honestly) will continue to grow ^-^